Online Slots Guide

Online gamblers in the US enjoy spinning the reels of quality online slots, and there are so many of them available. There’s an abundance of themes to be discovered with almost everything covered, including many USA themed slots, as well as many formats such as 5 reel video slots, 3 reel classic slots and even huge jackpot paying progressive slots too. The best and the most popular slots all serve up tons of features that include second screen bonus rounds, wild wins, scatter payouts and freespins rounds, and of course outstanding graphics and animations. You may be surprised at just how fantastic many of the best slots actually look, with such attention to detail and movie like quality of the effects and imagery, and they’re all available for you to enjoy in the very best USA online casinos. Online slots are the most popular casino games played by US online gamblers today, and when you check them out, you’ll see why.

Nobody Does Slots Like Wager Gaming Software

Going back to their early days of Vegas Technology, Wager Gaming Software, maintains their dominance and their position of the statesmen of online casino gaming, in particular their five reel slot games.

When it comes to the top Wager Gaming Software games, it is easy to fall in love with the likes of Beat The Bank, a high octane, five reel slot game where the heat is on as a master bank robber tries to pull of the big score. Beat The Bank has everything you need to break into the vault. In fact, this top notch Wager Gaming Software slot, takes place right inside the bank itself. The bank robber fittingly is the wild. He will double winning combinations when he lands. The free games are quite nice too. In fact, you will start off with 15 free spins with the prospect of a triple winning multiplier. You can also amass more free spins. And what would a banks and robber style game be without a bank vault feature? That’s right, Beat The Bank bonus round gives you the opportunity to break the bank and win the winning multiplier that goes well over a thousand.

When the world needs saving, you need to call Agent Cash. Agent Cash is yet another high powered and popular slot by Wager Gaming Software. As soon as you get into the game, you are treated to a bond like, soundtrack. All of the game play and the icons, takes you into the super secret and suave world of Agent Cash. There is of course Agent Cash himself which pays out quite nicely. There is also the Aston Martin which is the wild symbol in the game. Five of these special cars on the reel, will reward you with 1,250 credits. The villain with the eye patch is the jackpot symbol. Five of him on the pay line, will shell out the top regular game play amount of 10,000 credits. There is also the beautiful, dangerous and all so rewarding woman who acts as a vertical wild in the game. But not to be overlooked are the bonus rounds. The first bonus game gives you the option of either a cash prize, free spins, or a place in the second bonus round.

The second bonus round requires you to be playing all 30 of the pay lines at once. You pick among the 30 cards to reveal your reward. You keep picking cards until you pull a stopper. When it comes to the free spins round, you will begin with 8 of them with the opportunity to have exploding wilds.

Have you ever wanted to experience the highs and the lows of a game show? Well now’s your chance thanks to Reel Deal Slots, a panorama and a ticket to a vintage game show atmosphere. All of the game icons and the reels gives you that 1980’s prime time game show experience. You will certainly want to keep your eyes on the briefcase, for it is the key to getting into the bonus round. In the bonus round, you will pick among prizes to reveal your prize. The free spins are a show stopper as well. When you begin the free spins round, you will have 15 free spins. Your wins are doubled here, and you have the chance to win more free spins. And of course, the gold bar is the wild symbol in regular game play mode. It will double winning combinations, and it will pay out the top game amount of 10,000 credits for getting all five on the pay line.

Step back into the hey day of the mob with Funny Moolah, a vintage themed mob style slot game and a very popular gem by Wager Gaming Software. The game play takes you back into the glory days of the mob, circa 1930’s. You will most certainly want to keep a look out for the mob don, for when he lands on the second, third and fourth reels, he will double your wins. The policeman and the dame are high paying symbols as well. The free spins round will start you off with 10 free spins with a random winning multiplier. You can earn more free spins. And if you ever wanted to be the big man, now’s your chance with The Boss Man bonus round. Here, you are presented with nine bags of money. You get to choose four of them to reveal your reward.

With so much attention going to the five reel games, and justifiably so, Wager Gaming Software has many popular three reel slot games that are waiting for you attention. Make Pay Day any day of the week with Pay Dirt, a three reel slot game with a single pay line. This is a three coin game, so the amount you wager will help to determine the value you will receive. The top amount you can win, is 2,500 credits. Let freedom ring with Liberty 7’s, another mega Wager Gaming Software game with a single pay line. The number seven reigns supreme from the blue seven, red seven, white seven and mixed sevens. Again, this is a three coin game, so the amount you wager will determine if you bring home either 2,400, 4,800 or 10,000 credits for getting mixed sevens.

At your command, everyday is Thanksgiving with two unique three reel slot games with Turkey Shoot and Turkey Time slots. When it comes to Turkey Shoot, the turkey is running wild. There are various winning multipliers. There is the 2 times winning multiplier which can go all the way up to 25 times. Going the extra mile, there is the wild turkey shoot bonus where you can win up to 500 coins. The regular game play amount is 15,000 credits. Turkey day continues with Turkey Time Slots. The pilgrim hat is the main symbol here. In fact, it can pay you up to 2,400 credits for getting five of them on the pay line.

Real Time Gaming Continues To Blaze A Trail With Slot Games

Real Time Gaming never fails to impress with their uncanny and special roster of gorgeous, pristine, five reel games that always continue to push the envelope.

Relive the power of the legendary Trojan war through Achilles Slots, a powerful five reel slot game. Achilles is the main symbol in the game, actually he is the wild symbol. He will double winning combinations when he lands. The mighty Achilles is also instrumental in taking you into one of their high powered and epic style of free spins. Getting three or more Achilles will put you into the Achilles free spins round where you will play with either 15, 20 or 25 free spins. And in this free spins round, all of The Troy symbols will turn into either Achilles or Helen icons. Wins here are tripled.

The other style of free spins is the Troy free spins where you begin with 10 of them with your wins being doubled. The lovely Helen is a captivating icon. Getting an entire row of her, will reward you with 5,000 credits.

Real Time Gaming steps into daring world of the bank robber with Cash Bandits, and the mega popular sequel, Cash Bandits 2. Both of these games puts you squarely in the shoes of a master bank robber with the determined police hot on his heels. In the first game that started it all, the bank vault is the powerful wild symbol. It will reward you with 2,500 credits. By far, the crowning achievement is the bank vault feature. There is a lot at stake when it comes to the bank vault feature. The goal is to get into the bank vault in the least amount of time and codes as possible. You can win up to 90 free spins with a 12 times winning multiplier. And there are also random jackpots that can be won after any spin.

And in the sequel, the stakes are that much higher when it comes to Cash Bandits 2. This time, the official game logo is the wild symbol in the game. It will reward you 5,000 credits for getting all five of them on the pay line. The bank vault feature is bank and better than ever. This time, up to 190 free games are available if your safe cracking prowess is up to par. There is also a winning multiplier that can go as high as 17 times. And there is also a progressive jackpot that can hit after any spin.

Real Time Gaming even steps into the world of fantasy with Enchanted Garden and the pleasant sequel, Enchanted Garden 2. Both games puts you into the exciting world of the fairy and the magical forest. The free spins are quaint and magical, and even features special butterfly style symbols which can lead to even larger wins.

Real Time Gaming even takes you into the powerful world of the Gods with Asgard, a powerful and popular Nordic themed slot. Experience the power of Asgard with the many powerful bonus features. There are two wild symbols in the game, one of the light and that of the dark. The hallmark of this game are the numerous bonus features. You get to experience the taste of Thor’s might with Thunderbolt feature. In this electrical bonus, up to five reels will turn wild. And when it comes to the free spins, the Valkyrie shows off her might with 15 free spins with your wins being tripled. You can earn additional free spins with the Valkyrie.

Loki, the dark God makes his presence felt with an assortment of 20 free spins with a dark wild added to the third reel. You can earn more free spins with the dark God as well. Thor makes his return to the reels with his own set of free spins. Feel Thor’s might, Real Time Gaming style with his 25 free spins that comes with random wild multipliers. You can amass additional free spins. Father Odin reigns supreme with his 30 free spins with morphing wilds.

Fall in love with the pleasant haunting of Bubble Bubble and the cute sequel, Bubble Bubble 2. Both of these games put a spotlight on the lovely Winnie The Witch. She is the regular game wild that will reward you with a three times winning multiplier. But the gem of this game are the numerous bonus rounds that are there for the taking. When it comes to the Great Ghost feature, you will start with 20 free spins with up to 9 wild ghosts added to the reels. When it comes to the Wild Witches Feature, Winnie graces the reels 9 free spins and with her turning one reel or up to reels wild for extra wins. In the bewitched feature, you will play with 7 free spins with Winnie covering the entire third reel. And in the sequel, Winnie is joined by the lovely Annie who also serves as an extra wild.

Real Time Gaming goes the extra mile by giving you access to the privileged world of Mexican wrestling. We are talking about Lucha Libre, where the masked wrestlers of mayhem. In the first installment, both wrestlers are regular in game wilds as well as expanded wilds. There are multiple bonus rounds here too. The first bonus round is the time to rumble bonus. It’s up to you to pick the right combination of moves to finish off your opponent. The sequence of moves will determine the number of free spins and the winning multiplier. When it comes to the mask of fiery doom. In this regard, up to four reels are held while the others are spun. All throughout the reels are scattered masks with the chance to win a winning multiplier up to 81 times. Real Time Gaming even puts the fun back into three reel slot games like 777 Slots and 7’s And Stripes.

Don’t Forget About Betsoft’s Brand Of Slot Games

Betsoft Gaming puts itself in elite territory when it comes to magnificent five reel games that are highly innovative and evolved. Their brand of games run the complete gambit.

One such popular slot goes by the name of The Angler. The Angler is every fisherman’s dream come true. Simply put, this five reel game gives you the opportunity to hang out on the reels all day long, or at least until you run out of money to make a deposit. So what is it about The Angler? For starters, you get The Angler himself, hanging out on the pier, waiting for you to make your big haul. So if you consider yourself a big time fisher, than the Time To Fish bonus game is where it is. Simply put, you will win extra money for hauling fish out of the water. You can haul them out with your virtual hands or through fishing them out. When it comes to the free spins, it is hard to go wrong with the octopus serving as a clinging wild. And after every win, you will have the opportunity to double up your wins.

Have you ever wanted to be the superhero that saved the metropolis for the perils of evil? Well thanks to Betsoft, the opportunity is here for that to happen thanks to Spinfinity Man. This innovative, superhero mega slot has seven reels full of power and hero might. Of course, you are treated to Spinfinity Man flying all about the reels. And when you score a winning combination, they will explode all throughout the reels. Another reason why Spinfinity Man is so popular, is thanks to having Spinfinity Man impact the reels with his various super powers. He can hit the reels with either his laser beam or double laser beam icon. There is also the icy blast and his telepathic powers. But there are multiple bonus rounds. When it comes to the fan girl bonus round, it is most certainly true that your biggest fan is waiting for you, Spinfinity Man. She will add extra exploding wild symbols.

And when it comes to the main villain, you can catch Mr. X, but ti won’t be easy. In the catch Mr. X bonus round where you have to complete the villain trail to catch up with your arch nemesis. And when it comes to the free spins round, you start with 10 free spins where more super powers are completely unleashed. And yes, there are also super wilds that are clustered together.

Come right into the magical world of fantasy with Fire And Steel, a gorgeous five reel game that puts new life in the genre of fantasy. It is up to a daring male warrior and a female warrior to deal with the mighty dragon. Both the swordsman and the female warriors are the wilds. In true Betsoft genius, an innovative feature of this game, if both the warriors land on the reels, there is a chance that their beams will cross and intersect on the reels. When this happens you will play with 10 free spins with a wild happening at the point of intersection for the duration of free games.

Find the beat and put on your dancing shoes with Betsoft’s At The Copa. At The Copa is a captivating five reel game where Carolina is the center of attention. This game is loaded with excellent salsa dancing and many bonus rounds. The free spins mode is quite excellent. In fact, Carolina will have the option of choosing which one of the handsome men will dance for her heart. You will win big time credits as the reels are spun. And there is a wild ocean symbol in the middle of the reel.

And at any moment that you are feeling the rhythm, you can win one of three progressive jackpots. There is the suave jackpot, the mediano jackpot and the caliente jackpot. And when it comes to the main bonus round, once more Carolina will choose her dancing champion.

The ultimate battle between good and evil, is settled thanks to Betsoft’s Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots. You get to choose your battle and your champion at the beginning of the game. You can choose either the angel, or the she devil. There are two wilds, depending on which character you choose. And when it comes to the bonus rounds, there is the click me feature based on which character you choose. There is also the money bonus wheel where you can spin the wheel to reveal your award. You can even trigger the progressive jackpot. Betsoft continues the innovation by giving you the choice of possibly choosing both characters. And after any win, you will have the opportunity to double up your wins.

Can you manage and pull off the ultimate bank heist of the century with Heist Slots? This interactive, five reel slot even comes with a captivating soundtrack which is another hallmark of Betsoft Gaming. There is even a cinematic intro featuring the angry detective determined to bring you down. There are many bonus round to be enjoyed here. For starters, there is the glass cutter feature where you select one of the cutters to reveal a prize, including free spins, and instant access into the bonus round. One feature has a reel that is entirely wild. In the scatter drills feature, you can up to 5 times your bet with 750 credits. And of course, Betsoft saves the best for last when it comes to breaking into the bank vault. In this case, choose your method to quickly break into the vault and to escape from the determined detective. Betsoft Gaming covers the gambit of genres, especially when it comes to Asian themed games. One popular Asian themed game is the Fa Fa Twins where the two, identical twins that laugh and interact along the reels for you as they giggle. There are 243 ways to win, Betsoft style.

Rival Slots..What More Can You Say?

A whole lot actually. If you want to take visually stunning games to even newer heights, than Rival Gaming is the place for that to happen. Rival Gaming combines intricate and highly interactive game play with ultra sharp graphics and compelling soundtracks.

One of the popular slots that hey have available, includes Champs Elysees, a lovely and delicate five reel game that gives you the opportunity to get to know the world famous city of Paris like never before. You’ll get to walk down the famous boulevard where you get to shop and dine, as well as enjoy world class views of the Eiffel tower. The regular wild will serve as a triple winning multiplier, plus it also acts as an expanding wild. There is a delicate free spins round. The more scatters you get to land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. All in all, you can play up to 40 free spins. When it comes to the bonus round, you will get your pick of stores to go shopping in.

Take in the might of Greek mythology when it comes to Rise Of Poseidon, an engaging and visual wonder of a five reel game. Fittingly enough, the game play takes place right in the water which is Poseidon’s turf. It is only fitting that Poseidon himself is the game’s main wild symbol. When the water God lands on the reel with trident in hand, he will double winning combinations. The more of him that lands, the greater the winning multiplier will become. Five of him on the pay line will reward you with 10,000 credits. Poseidon will also act as an expanding wild during the free spins round. The free spins are just as powerful as well. The more scatters that land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. All in all, you can play with up to 36 free spins. You can amass additional free spins as well.

Step into the ring and go for the heavyweight championship of the world with Heavyweight Gold, a powerful and dramatic slot game that puts you into the ring as a prized fighter. The game has it all, one grizzly tough fighter, a beautiful ring girl and the determined trainer. When it comes to the free spins round, the ring girl is your ticket for this where you will play with either 10, 20 or 100 free spins. The free spins will be multiplied by 3 times. The champ to be is the expanding wild. And of course there is the knockout round which is the bonus round.

There is crime, and then there is Reel Crime, a series of intricate, crime themed games by Rival Gaming. The first one is known as Reel Crime, Art Heist. The stage is set in this vintage crime caper game. This game is full of bonus rounds and interesting paintings. When it comes to the bonus round, the first one is the masterpiece scatter payout. You get paid by getting the right paintings in alignment. There is also the Robin Hood bonus round. This caper bonus round can happen at complete random. Here you can win random amounts, and even perhaps the rare Mona Lisa.

When it comes to Reel Crime, Bank Heist, the stage is set for the ultimate bank robbery. Crime most certainly pays in this five reel, interactive caper. The game play is so intricate here, that they provide you with a map to keep track of what’s going on. You will want to make friends with the Tommy gun, for it is the key to playing one of the numerous bonus rounds that this Rival favorite game has to offer. In fact, there are multi levels to the game. The first level is known as casing the joint, while the second phase is getting into the bank, the third level is the blowing of the safe, and the fourth level entails getting away with the loot. The free spins round is quite engaging. The free spins range from a single one to all the way to 25 free spins. Your wins are at the very least are tripled. Take being a spy to the ultimate height with Spy Game, yet another five reel wonder by Rival Gaming. The stakes have never been higher. In fact, the mission is so complex that there is a game map to help you keep track of what’s going on. The key to getting into the free spins round is to correctly assemble the bomb. And once you’ve gotten into the free spins round, you will have your crack at the bonus round. The regular free spins round starts you off with 10 free spins with a four times winning multiplier. The wild symbol completely goes wild in the free spins round with a triple winning multiplier. And in the bonus round, it is up to you to take out the guards while assembling the tools you need to escape the burning building.

Rival Gaming also dives into the world of television soap operas. Put down the remote to the legendary soap opera, As The World Turns, and tune into the interactive slot series, As The Reels Turn. This is a trilogy that breaks down something similar to the soap opera over episodes. All the intrigue, affairs and romance, plus more, are there for the taking. There are jackpots and bonus rounds for you to explore. The key to getting into the bonus round is through the scatters. When you get into the bonus round, not only will you play for prizes, but you will get to watch out an interactive scene as well.

Other major Rival Gaming Slots, includes Grandma’s Attic, a charming and original slot where you get to spend some quality time with Grandma. You don’t know what you’ll find in Grandma’s attic. Perhaps you will find some bones which is the wild symbol in the game. It will double your wins. It is also the highest paying icon in the game, shelling out 7,500 credits for getting all five on the pay line. There is also a jackpot and a free spins round.

Microgaming Surges In Popularity

Microgaming is an evolution from a previous gaming slot system. Microgaming continues to innovate with highly entertaining five reel slot games.

Some of the popular slot games by Microgaming includes Avalon, parts one and two. In the first installment, we get introduced to a new experience in the world of fantasy that is absolutely fit the mightiest of kings. The first installment by Microgaming has two wild symbols. One serves as a wild during regular game play while the other serves as the wild during free spins play. Another note on the regular wild is that it will pay you up to 30,000 credits for getting an entire row of it. There is also a potent free spins round where you can play up to 12 free spins with a 7 times winning multiplier.

And when it comes to the sequel, the call to arms for king and country is back. Microgaming ups the ante in the sequel with 243 pay lines. And once more there are two wild symbols. The main wild will replace the other symbols in regular game play with the exception of the scatter symbol. The lady of the lake is the other key wild which will also act as an expanding wild.

Solve the mystery of the Holy Grail by embarking on the Holy Grail Quest. Find the grail, win big time, and return it to its rightful place in Avalon. Within the Grail Quest is a dice rolling bonus feature, plus a special free spins round where you play with 15 free spins. Step into Whispering Woods where you get to pick among five shields. And in the forest fall, 20 free spins are at stake. And your journey to Morgan’s Keep will reward you with 20 additional free spins.

Microgaming takes you deeper into the world of the fierce Vikings in Arctic Fortune, a fantastic five reel game with 1024 ways to win. Seek plunder and conquest in the fabled Arctic, the home of the Vikings. In regular game play, you can win up to 9,000 credits. There is also up to 40 free spins for you to win big in this Microgaming classic.

There Are Many Great Casinos To Play These Slots Games

If you need a steady online casino that you can trust, look no further than Lincoln Casino, one of the original and still powerful online casinos, powered by Wager Gaming Software. Lincoln Casino is quite a complete online casino, including sections for three reel slots, five reel slots and table games which includes video poker. They also more than hold their own with the well formed tournament section where everyday you stand to win big. When it comes to the promotions, Lincoln Casino has a little bit of something for new members and veteran members alike. And of course there is a 100% matching bonus for new members that goes as high as $5,000. Loyalty is king here as well with a multi tiered loyalty club. There are six unique levels with the diamond level being the top level. Each level comes with its own sets of perks and benefits. Lincoln Casino also has many ways for its members to get into the game. They even have Bitcoin as an option.

Another powerful Wager Gaming Software Casino goes by the name of Liberty Slots Casino. Experience the patriotic red white and blue with hundreds of the best slot and table games that Wager Gaming Software has to offer. They have their games well organized, including three reel slot games and five reel slot games. There is also a well of table games. Blackjack is especially en vogue here at Liberty Slots Casino. There is also a section for slot and table games with progressive jackpots. Liberty Slots Casino also a strong tournament section. Check the schedule to see what game is going on for tournament play and the cost of entry and the jackpot.

Liberty Slots Casino leads the charge when it comes to the promotions. There is also a well stocked rewards club where amassing comp points is the name of the game to advancing through the loyalty system which each level featuring its own set of perks and benefits. There are many banking options which also includes Bitcoin and litecoin.

Diving into the Wager Gaming Software love, is Red Stag Casino. Red Stag Casino emphasizes and welcomes all tough guys and cowboys. They offer the full spread of Wager Gaming Software games in their portfolio, including a section for three reel games. They also have many promotions, even ones for exclusive Bitcoin users. And everyday, Red Stag Casino invites its members to have a drink with many cashback and reload bonuses to help keep you in the game.

If you are looking for a one stop fits all when it comes to casino games and sports, look no further than Bovada Casino. Bovada Casino takes no prisoners in the online casino world with their incomparable array of slot games which are powered by multiple providers. All of the great slot games and more that we have been discussing, you can probably find at Bovada. Bovada also takes poker to new heights. Not only is poker king, it is revered. They offer many poker tournaments, including guaranteed tournaments that can go as high as a million bucks.

And when it comes to the sports book, all of the best North American sports are represented here as well as certain collegiate sports. There are many soccer leagues that span the entire compass of the world.

Planet 7 Casino strives to bring forth the best in Real Time Gaming. Simply put, Planet 7 Casino is an online casino that is literally on its own planet with hundreds of the best Real Time Gaming slots at your disposal. And to help you get the most out of these special Real Time Gaming games, Planet 7 Casino has a well of promotions. New members who sign up, are in store for a $4,000 welcome package. They also offer new game promotions and exclusive slot game promotions. And to make sure you land on their planet in a good way, Planet 7 Casino, they offer many banking options including major credits cards as well as Bitcoin, the world’s premiere crypto currency. Planet 7 Casino also has a full range of sections for you to get the help you need. And as always, the top tier customer support staff is standing by to help you with other concerns that might arise.

If you are into slots and you got the cash to make a deposit, then you should be at Sloto Cash Casino, a major thoroughbred when it comes to Real Time Gaming Casinos. Slots aren’t just popular here, there are a total religion. The stage is set for you to find the slot game that is just right for you. They have neatly organized, five reel slot games, three reel slot games and even those with progressive jackpots.

And of course, Sloto Cash Casino delivers the goods when it comes to their blockbuster promotions. In fact, when you make your first deposit, not only will you receive a 200% matching bonus, but you will also get 100 free spins to be used on the popular slot game, Enchanted Garden. The other promotions don’t disappoint either. Regular members can indulge in the likes of the unlimited cashback bonus.

There Are Many Slot Promotions To Fall In Love With

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, slots are very popular. They are so popular that many online casinos have exclusive slot promotions. The slot promotions can take many forms, including exclusive slot game promotions. These normally work in the form of allotting a certain amount of free spins to either promote a game already in the menu, or a brand new game.

Another popular type of slot promotion is the weekly and monthly leader board. This basically works and breaks down to having members compete every week on a particular slot game. Normally those in the top leader board with the game in question, will win some serious points.

When you’ve found the right slot promotion that works for you, the next step is to head to the cashier to enter the bonus code.

Playing For The Heck Of It

With so many great slot games being thrown your way, you’re probably eager to get up and running playing them. That won’t be a problem. Many of these games have been designed for you to play in numerous ways. One way is through third party bonuses. The usual bonuses normally includes in no deposits and free spins.

When It Really Matters

When you feel up to to it to make a real bet, there are many ways to handle this. The online casino that you are enjoying your slot game at, is bound to have many ways for you to make your deposit. The usual methods normally involve major credit and debit cards. These methods will process your deposits instantly. Prior to using them, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval.

The other banking methods include the e wallets, Neteller and Skrill. Both of these methods will require you to have an email to use them. And depending on the online casino, you might even be able to use Bitcoin to make a deposit and get into the game. Bitcoin is the world’s premiere crypto currency. A purely digital currency, Bitcoin saves you a lot of time by completely bypassing the banks. It runs completely on the block chain technology which adds extra encryption. To use Bitcoin, you will need a Bitcoin wallet to make it happen. There are many Bitcoin wallets out there to choose from. Once you’ve made your wallet choice, what you need to do is convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier. And also depending on the online casino, there might be other crypto currencies like litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash.

Playing In The Mobile Arena

Today’s online casino has to come fully equipped for today’s mobile platforms. This can be accomplished by logging into that casino and playing it directly in the palm of your hand. But many of the online casinos might have a special mobile section. The mobile section is normally structured a bit differently. There is normally a link you can click on to take you there. In the mobile section, normally a score of so of the most popular slot games are available. The design is more user friendly so you can get quick access. Going the extra mile, there may be an app that you can download to your computer or the mobile device of your choice, and even your laptop.

The Power Of Instant Play

It’s all there for you to win big. Many of the slot games are based on either the flash engine, or the modern day HTML5 engine. Both of these gaming engines will give you the option of either playing them straight through the web browser, or you can download them to your personal computer or the mobile device of your choice.

Don’t Forget About The Slot Tournaments

It’s up to you to play the tremendous slot games on your own, or you can enroll in one of the high profile tournaments that are going on a daily basis. The slot tournaments normally don’t cost that much to enter, and sometimes you might even be able to play for free courtesy of a free roll, or exclusive VIP entry. The jackpots are quite nice as well. In fact, they can range well over a thousand dollars. Just check the schedule to see which slot tournament is going on.