Where are US Casinos Regulated?

All online casinos must be regulated from the jurisdiction from where they operate, and although they accept casino games players from around the world their servers and equipment must of course be physically located somewhere. In order for them to operate they will need a license for that location and there are many countries that regulate online casinos and provide them with a base from which they may do business. Many of these are small nations and it provides them with a valuable revenue stream as well as jobs, and although they offer varying degrees of regulation, players can rest assured that no matter which casino they choose, it will have a license and be overseen by an authoritative body. The most common places in which licenses are obtained are Costa Rica, Vanuatu, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao and Kahnawake. There are of course more and the most important factor for players when looking at a new online casino is to check as to whether or not that particular casino is regulated and shows this clearly on the website.

The Importance of Regulation

The regulation of the casino means that the games have been tested and that checks have been made to ensure that the casino is fair and that all is above board. As in every industry there are rogue traders however, online casinos that are less than satisfactory do not tend to hold their licenses for long as the nature of the online casino industry means that they are exposed quickly and closed down. Word of mouth plays a very big part in building a casinos reputation. These regulatory bodies will also provide assistance to the player regarding any dispute with the casino and they may step in and act as a third party overseer should it be required, often coming down hard in the casino if they are found to be in the wrong. Online casinos, in the main, will treat their players fairly and with the respect they deserve as they know that you as the player have many options when choosing where to spend your free time. It's also worth noting at this point that the games within the casino are also tested independently for fairness and that all is above board, as without this, a license would not be considered. The actual country that offers the regulation is of little importance as they all have the safety and the security of the player in mind and the most important thing is that your choice has that seal of approval.